What’s Your Loan For?

At onehour-paydayloans.com you can get loans for anything you need money for. Recently we decided to ask visitors what they did with their most recent payday loan and they allowed us to share their stories. Some are a little shocking. NSFW.

Bill from Kentucky –

When I was working full time I never needed a loan. Then my company asked me to cut my hours from 40 a week to 20. This went on for 2 years. It got me into financial trouble and eventually I had to sell my house and my car. I bought a little trailer home and an old used car to get to and from work. I actually budgeted my life down pretty well, but from time to time things would get tight. When you’re living off only a little income from a part time job, when things go bad they go really bad.

I found out I had actually been overpaid by about $1,000 at work over the course of a year. It was an accounting error that simply wasn’t obvious at all to me. Instead of just letting it slide, my sleazy boss said I had to pay it back within 2 weeks. He was accusing me of stealing it and it was really outrageous. This was the first time I went in for a loan. I was able to use some savings and the loan to pay them off in one week. I quit shortly thereafter and haven’t had to take out any more loans but I had a really positive experience.

James from Milwaukee –

I’ve been having affairs all around town. I like my wife, but I like having a lot of sex too. The only problem with meeting all of these new women is how expensive it can be. I had to buy profiles for online hookup sites like Affair Alert (after doing my research and reading a good affair alert review), take these women out to dinner, and not to mention all the gas from getting around. I have a pretty good job and all but it gets expensive in a hurry. I just needed a couple hundred extra for a few months before I got back on my feet and they were there to help me out.

Kristen from Boston –

After I found my husband was cheating on me, I found affair alert reviews on his computer. It was pretty shocking and embarrassing. It lead me to check and see if his name was on the Ashley Madison email list. It was. Then I checked the leaked AdultFriendFinder email list and to no one’s surprise it was also there. He was such a sicko.

After the divorce, I knew there would be a nice settlement but I didn’t have everyday cash for day to day expenses. I’ve been an at-home mom for many years now and didn’t really have any employable skills.

So I turned to getting a small loan. It helped me out so much. I was able to pay off a little debt and it even helped me keep the house and car until the settlement helped me pay off that loan. It wasn’t a fun time, but I’m glad that extra money was available.

Terry from Oklahoma –

I have had nothing but problems with short term loans. Whenever I have needed one in the past, they take advantage of my need. They know I’m desperate and charge me outrageous fees. Usually I can only pay off the interest on the loan every two weeks, so what ends up happening is that after I get the money, I just keep going back to give them money every 2 weeks. It’s a viscous cycle where $600 dollars can turn into $80 payments every 2 weeks for years. That’s $160 per month and if you pay that interest for a year, that’s almost $2000 paid while you still owe $600. It’s crazy.

As you can see, these can help a lot of people, but some people have to be really careful. It’s good practice to always pay something towards the principle. In the last story from Terry, if he would have paid even $20 towards the principle (so $100 total every 2 weeks) then he’d have only paid $600 total in fees and had the whole thing paid off in 7 months.

It can be a very dangerous game, but it can be really helpful if you can be smart about it. Always remember to pay some (even if it’s only a little bit) to the principle. As far James goes, his life sure would be a lot simpler and cheaper if he’s just go back to his wife and stop messing around so much. Luckily for him he was able to avid higher debts and seemed to play the financial part intelligently.

Overall, there is a lesson we can learn from everyone here. Just be smart with how you handle your money to avoid getting in debt in the first place. If you do find yourself in situation faced with debt, use an ice pick to get out of it not a bulldozer.


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